Al-Shifaa for Medical and Humanitarian Services, was established in 2008 to secure medical and humanitarian services,

Registered by Lebanese ministry of Interior under license No. 455/AD. 

Our vision

A leading association in healthcare with professionalism and competence .

Our mission

Providing medical and humanitarian services and health care for the sick and the needy .

Our values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Team Spirit
  • Community commitment 

Our goals

  • Publish the medical, health and preventive education
  • Protecting human life and providing health care to those in need
  • Providing humanitarian and charitable services related to health and medical aspects
  • Contributing to providing medicines, especially for chronic diseases 
  • Opening of charitable health centers
  • Opening of first aid centers 
  • Publish a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among health and social workers

Al Shifaa System

  • Medical centers 
  • Ambulance & Civil Defense teams 
  • Mobile clinic 
  • Disability detection Center